About NW8 Distribution

About Us

Founded in 2014 as Swisscell U.K. Ltd. in 2021 we changed our trading name to NW8 Distribution. We are a London based distribution company that introduces & represents premium brands into the luxury Retail Market in UK & Ireland. Our specific focus goes to the luxury Beauty and Health & Wellness sectors.

Expertise & Services:

We leverage our relationships with pharmacies, spas, salons, supermarkets, dental clinics, surgeries, gyms, e-stores and duty-free intermediaries to provide the brands we represent tailor-made POS distribution and representation. From tailored promotions, special events, to display and merchandising, we work with our retail partners to optimise and deliver the best instore support programmes. We believe that product knowledge is the key to a successful sale. With our own professional training facilities and training team we can create a customised training programme for your brand.

Before the final customer stands our experienced sales team. In-store, your brand will be represented by our team of Account and Sales Managers. For all the logistic, operational and administrative functions, like order processing, customer service, invoicing and stock management, we have a dedicated team in our South London Office.

Our mission is to craft an omnichannel presence for each brand we partner with, maximising visibility and core brand message. A strategy that traverses in-store representation, training, and promotions as well as a strong online presence.